Charlottesville, VA. Music lessons with Matt Wyatt combine traditional music education practices of ear training, improvisation, notation-based learning with recording technology. The fundamental goal is for you as a student to find ways to integrate music into your life, to have fun and learn from music, and to develop your listening skills through the process. 

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are offered in drumming, rhythm section playing, songwriting, and audio engineering. Current lesson openings are limited and student commitment to routine practice is essential. Please email for more information. 

Group Lessons & Studio Workshops:

Group lessons provide an outlet for you to apply your musical skills to a larger context. Although most participants in group lessons and recording workshops are private students, that is not a requirement. Group lessons run in 8 session blocks throughout the year while recording workshops are 3-4 day intensives. Please email for current offerings.

Email for more info: rhythm@mattwyatt.net

photo by Brooke Ray

photo by Brooke Ray