Music Lessons in Charlottesville, VA

Goals: Yours and mine

My first goal as a teacher is to help you play, listen to, and enjoy music. The lesson time consists of working on specific technical rhythmic or musical challenges, listening to and transcribing parts from recordings for you to practice, and developing notation skills so that you feel confident reading music. More important than these specific skills is the bigger picture of helping you to reach your musical goals - whether that means playing in a band, jamming with friends in your basement, or developing a private musical practice that serves as a creative outlet in your life.

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are offered in drumming, rhythm section playing, computer composition, and audio engineering. I value an integrative approach to music where playing, listening, and engaging readily available computer technology are equal components to an effective learning process. Having studied with at least 10 different private teachers through my teens and twenties, I've also found the private lesson model to be an efficient means of musical improvement. The key to a healthy long-term relationship with music is enjoyment - enjoyment that comes from working with music that is relevant to you while simultaneously acquiring technical skills to help you to play with other musicians or to record music at home. This student-mentor model works well for all ages although typically students must be at least 10 years old to enroll.

Group Lessons and Recording Workshops:

Group lessons provide an outlet to apply your musical skills to a larger context. Although most participants in group lessons and recording workshops are private students, that is not a requirement. Group lessons run in 8 session blocks throughout the year and recording workshops are typically 3-4 day intensives. Please email for more information.

Schedule and Rates:

Schedule options for private lessons consist of 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. Most students opt for a weekly or every-other-week format, although a drop-in type approach works best for some other students. Lesson rate varies depending on format and location. Please email for more information.